About Myself & How The No Bake Company Was Founded.

Starting out as a chef I was in the industry for 9 years i've learnt and worked with all different types of foods and cuisines.

While working in the food industry I also started studying to become a health & fitness professional and once I had my accreditation I decide to explore helping people through fitness and nutrition instead of cooking.

i've now been in the health and fitness industry for nearly 10 years and over the course of these 10 yers ive had a huge amount of feed back about snacking option which are both healthy and unhealthy and with finding it hard to recommend a good health snack or product for convenient snack preparation I took it upon myself with my cooking background which I was missing quite a lot, to create healthy clean snacks for my clients.

After about 6-8 months in doing so, I had received great feedback while providing them with nutritious heathy no bake bars with a fast and convenient method that from the feedback is absolutely delicious that they were always wanting seconds knowing it is was low calorie | plant based | gluten free | dairy free | macro friendly and high in energy without all the nasties and fillers and this is something that I am very passionate about as I am also gluten and lactose intolerant and consume a plant based diet and I know how hard it is to find a delicious snack for my diet requirements which doesn't cost an arm or a leg.

So here we are - No Bake Bar's & No bake Bar Mixes that can be made in seconds and ready to eat within the 5-10 minutes.
making snack preparation rewarding for anyone struggling with finding time to snack prep or struggling to find the right healthy guilt free snack.
With our unique flavours no bake flavours our focus is to lead the way in healthy plant based snacks for anyone looking for dairy free, gluten free, Marco friendly, organic, natural products. 
We aim to stand out from the competition with feel-good taste-good products made locally on the Gold Coast Australia.

I hope you love my product as much as I do and i look forward to you joining the no bake fam.


Chris x